Worldwide each Government pursues a policy to reduce spending on Government departments and agencies, to increase the efficiency of customer service and providing alternative channels for citizens in any convenient time. The main purpose is to do more with less, and improve their service efficiency, productivity and responsiveness.

AT CONSULT offers customizable solutions covering various requirements of the Government departments and agencies, allowing for flexible use of the information provided to citizens and reducing the need for human factor.

Changes in business model of public services are inevitable in order to answer the challenges of globalization, innovative technologies, modernization and development of services. Infinity series are designed to improve public services, increase departmental efficiency and responsiveness.

  • Ministry of Energy and Energy Resources had used Infinity Series as a system for automatic answer delivery of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) from behalf of the citizens.
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Food had used Infinity Series as an IVR system and automated FAQ
  • Several Municipalities have used Infinity solutions as an interactive voice portal for informing citizens as well as using a hot line for alerting in case of corruption and poor services.

Applying Infinity series in public administration leads to:

  • Increasing administrative capacity
  • Expanding the number of services
  • Alternative ways for accessing different informational services
  • 24/7 automatic voice services for residents and business clients via phone and internet

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