We are dedicated to the study of ICT innovation and its successful application in order to achieve measurable results for each of our clients. Our target is to achieve higher customer satisfaction, continuous innovation and team development involving young and creative talants.

 In general, we at AT CONSULT want to become a synonymous with honesty, accountability and security.


The main products developed by AT CONSULT are are mainly focused in the field of  communications, development and implementation of Call Center solutions, development of 3rd party applications for ALCATEL Call Centers, development of tailor made software. 

Our services are primarily directed in maintenance, establishment of complete communication and network infrastructure and audit of the network security.


Like any other company we have a business strategy which is a long term plan of action, designed to achieve our goals. With the rapid development of the information technology, our strategy is modelled in accordance with the market principles and trends in the field of IT. Today the new solutions that the market offers are quite expensive and most companies cannot afford them. This means that we must find other, new ways and niches in the IT sector, which needs to be available for most owners of small and medium companies. Having in mind all of this (based on this information) information we at AT CONSULT put a major emphasis  on our ability to provide the software as a service (SaaS). This means, that we will focus all our efforts in exactly this direction by renting other companies products and services which maintenance will be covered by us. This strategy is very appropriate, because it gives the opportunity for smaller companies to take advantage of the innovations in the IT sector at a much lower price. Moreover, there is no need of hiring specialists to take care of the maintenance, which will reduce even more the costs for the companies.




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