Infinity Call Recording

Call Recording

Infiniti Call Recorder is an external for the communicational system Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX 4400/Enterprise server for recording the inbound/outbound user calls. The Dedicated Recording Link (DR-Link) method is specially developed by the manufacturer and allows call recordings from:

   » analog lines, equipped with standard Pulse/DTMF devices;

  » digital lines, equipped with  Alcatel  4011, 4012, 4034 devices

  » digital lines, equipped with Alcatel Reflexes –  4004(First), 4010(Easy), 4020(Premium), 4035(Premium) series.

   » digital lines, equipped with Alcatel-Lucent 4019, 4029, 4039 9th series.

   » wireless DECT users, provided  with Alcatel Mobile 100, Mobile 200, Alcatel-Lucent DECT 300 devices as well as DECT 400 and others GAP compatible devices. Dual working (Tandem) function is supported in cases when the digital device is working with DECT.

   » IP users, provided with Alcatel 4035IP devices as well as Alcatel – Lucent 4008, 4018, 4028, 4038, 4068 8th series devices and Softphone 4068IP.

The DR-Link method allows the recording of different types of inbound and outbound calls. If the digital devices are in “multiline” mode, the recording of second and every additional line is possible only if the correspondents are also in monitoring and recording mode. The external lines could be different type like analog, ISDN, VoIP, etc. It is possible to use one or more thirty channel interfaces (PCM2 module) in a specific mode for the extraction of audio stream and CTI program interface – Alcatel CSTA/TSAPI for managing and controlling the user lines, recording channels and other processes.

The external server for call recording – icRecorder  requires server platform. It works under Linux OpenSuse or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server,  using RDBMS PostgreSQL.

  •  Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX 4400/ Enterprise(OXE) communicational system. Software versions  higher than R3.2 are supported.
  • One or more PCM modules in the OmniPCX Enterprise. Each module provides up to 30 channels (voice resources) for voice stream extraction.
  • CSTA server in the communicational Alcatel OXE system and TSAPI Server/Client installed on icRecorder. These are program interfaces for CTI control and processes management.
  • Communication voice board in the  icRecorder  with suitable port for the audio stream receiving of the PCM2 module.
  • icRecoreder is a client/server software, that is making the link with the TSAPI Server, communication voice board and the data base. The software is performing everything related with prioritizing, classifying, audio stream recording as well as overall monitoring of the system (TSAPI, CSTA, communication voice board, PCM2).
  • SQL database (PostgreSQL) – The storage and the organizing of the recorded calls in the database,  contains information about the subscribed number, correspondent number (called number), call direction (incoming, outgoing), call type (external, internal), date and time of the call, duration, additional information such as transfer, priority, operator notes, etc.
  • User interface Infinity Call recorder Control panel (WEB administration and management software tool ) –  browser independent tool that provides visual information to the costumer
  • Logging in the system to administrate using username and password – there are 3 access levels (superuser, operator, observer). We have taken into consideration different ways to guarantee the security of your password.

   » adding / deleting subscribers for monitoring.

   » each line is separately configured.

   » adding / deleting users (administrator).

   » starting / stopping the monitoring of each lines.

   » users monitoring and call recording in real time.

   » extracting and visualization of data from the data base – sorting, filtering, etc.

   » listening of the recorded calls through integrated player and export or download.

   » Setting up priories and rules based on user number (subscribers)  or a group of users for recording, call type filtering ( incoming, outgoing, external, internal). Using combinations of parameters for certain type of users or a group of users is also possible.                   

   » Adding operator’s notes to a certain call.

 Criteria and types of recorded calls.

Infinity Call Recorder system is used for recording of all types of calls (internal, external, incoming and outgoing), as well as all of the internal lines (subscribers) that are being monitored, according to previously set criteria for each line:

   Priorities – drop, low, medium, high

   Call type – incoming, outgoing, external, internal

   Calls with correspondents with pre-defined number

   Up to 16 pre-defined time interval

   Day of the week

   Combinations of the above criteria

There is a possibility for dynamic distribution of channel recording in particular a force interruption of the recording of users with low priority if necessary (if all channels are busy) and starting the recording of users with higher priority.


The system allows to increase the number of the recording channels (up to 600) and the number of the observed lines (up to 1000) using proper hardware and software licenses. The icRecorder allows adjustment to specific needs as well as adding a different functionality (options).

 Recording and storage of the calls.

The records are kept in the data base as a wav PCM A-low 8KHz 8 bit mono format along with date and time, duration, call type (incoming, outgoing), correspondent number (called number), information field for already done action (e.g. call transfer, recording interruption due to a priority or filter, etc.), information field for operators notes/call administrator. The sound files could be exported (download) via WEB Control panel in both wav and mp3 format.

One minute conversation in wav format with additional information requires up to 500KB free hard drive space.


    » system message log

    » permanent automatic  self-diagnostics

    » automatic backup of the data base and the recorded calls


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